Crime Prevention

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The Crime Prevention Unit at Northeastern University Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of all members of the Northeastern community. Part of what makes a great police department is the ability to stop crime before it happens, rather than respond to a crime that has already occurred. The Crime Prevention Unit has and will continue to do its part to prevent crime on- and off-campus and prevent you from being victimized.

Unit Initiatives

  • Provide a wide variety of safety and security talks to students, staff, and faculty
  • Set up frequent university-wide crime prevention tables to promote specific safety/security services
  • Manage and maintain the department’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Produce and post the department’s “Quick Heads Up” instructional videos
  • Promote and administer property registration, in particular bicycle and laptop registration
  • Promote and administer Residential Life crime prevention instruction
  • Promote and organize SAFE classes and RAD course instruction to female students, staff, and faculty
  • Provide overview of NUPD services to New Student Orientation groups
  • Promote opportunities for NUPD involvement in community outreach programs

For any inquiries into these and other such services, contact Staff Sergeant John Farrell, Crime Prevention Coordinator, at 617.373.5402