Event Log

  • The Meduza smart buoy was repaired and improved following its capsize during Hurricane Jose and is once again deployed at Nahant.Improvements include the addition of a hydrophone to capture acoustic signals, a lower-cost WiFi module with comparable performance, and a coating of algae-repelling bottom paint on the buoy and its floats. The SLA-based antenna casing […]

  • The NU MONET team ran tests of a hydrophone donated to the project by the MIT Sea Grant program.We discovered that the hydrophone is an active device. One of the hydrophone’s pins requires a 5 V input to power an internal amplifier.Once the signal has passed through the cable, it is fed to one of […]

  • Buoy Recovery

    After the first Meduza smart buoy was damaged by Hurricane Jose, Dr. Aval and REU students Joshua Berlin and Geralyn Moore brought the buoy and modem back to shore for repairs.Students from Northeastern’s Three Seas program assisted by scuba diving to remove ropes and placing a marker buoy (winter stick). The Meduza smart buoy and […]

  • Hurricane Jose paid a visit to Nahant on the weekend of September 24, 2017. The storm created significant wave action and winds. Our first Meduza smart buoy was heavily damaged during this storm. We believe that a rope snapped due to chafing. The mooring’s grip on the buoy became uneven and the strong winds were […]

  • First Deployment

    On August 22, 2016, the NU MONET team deployed the first permanent Meduza smart buoy near Nahant, MA.The buoy, nicknamed Saturn, is visible above the water in the photo on the right; below the buoy is a Teledyne Benthos SM-975 acoustic modem. Together, the buoy and modem provide the ability to run acoustic networking experiments […]

  • The first Meduza buoy was completed in August 2017. It consists of an electronics section, which houses processing and communications equipment, and a power section containing several dozen D-size NiMH batteries. The front side of a Meduza buoy’s electronics section. The back side of a Meduza buoy’s electronics section.

  • Dr. Aval and Adam Scharfman performed a second test deployment of the Meduza smart buoy in early August 2017. This time, a modem was deployed below the buoy as well. The water at Nahant was so clear that aerial images captured by Dr. Aval’s drone showed the yellow modem suspended under the smart buoy. Dr. […]

  • Joshua Berlin tests the wireless link to the Meduza buoy. The prototype smart buoy before deployment. The blue antenna casing was printed using FDM 3D printing. Dr. Aval, Joshua Berlin, Andrew Fish, and Adam Scharfman performed a test deployment of the Meduza smart buoy at Nahant in late April. Adam and Dr. Aval kayaked out […]