First Deployment

On August 22, 2016, the NU MONET team deployed the first permanent Meduza smart buoy near Nahant, MA.

The buoy, nicknamed Saturn, is visible above the water in the photo on the right; below the buoy is a Teledyne Benthos SM-975 acoustic modem. Together, the buoy and modem provide the ability to run acoustic networking experiments from the shore.

Both devices are secured in place by a 120 pound mushroom mooring on the seafloor.

Thanks to Prof. Mark Patterson and his students for taking us (and the heavy mooring) out on the boat, and for scuba diving to get pictures!

A SM-975 acoustic modem is suspended about 10 meters above the seafloor. A serial connection to the Meduza smart buoy is in place.
The first Meduza buoy in the water. From left to right: Joshua Berlin, Dr. Yashar Aval, a friendly paddleboarding dog, and Dorothy Lowell.

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