Testing the Meduza Smart Buoy

Joshua Berlin tests the wireless link to the Meduza buoy.
The prototype smart buoy before deployment. The blue antenna casing was printed using FDM 3D printing.

Dr. Aval, Joshua Berlin, Andrew Fish, and Adam Scharfman performed a test deployment of the Meduza smart buoy at Nahant in late April. Adam and Dr. Aval kayaked out with the buoy in tow behind them, while Joshua and Andrew stayed at the shore to run tests on the buoy’s wireless systems.

The tests showed that our WiFi connection to the buoy had a link budget greater than 35 dB and our XBee system had a link budget of about 20 dB- more than good enough for reliable communications.

Dr. Aval (left) and Adam Scharfman (right) kayaked the buoy into the ocean.
Adam Scharfman (left) and Andrew Fish (right) assembing the smart buoy.

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