Without exception, all students must successfully complete their current academic program and submit all final transcripts in order to enroll in The N.U.in Program. Students must also submit proof of graduation, which is typically found on their final high school transcripts. Failure to submit this information may impact financial aid awards and enrollment. Failure to successfully complete your current academic program in good standing could result in a decision to rescind the offer of admission to The N.U.in Program and the university.

Steps to Enroll

To submit your deposit and officially enroll in The N.U.in Program, please complete the following steps:

  • Log into your Application Status Check – you will need to enter your NUID (which can be found on your acceptance letter) and your birth date in order to log in
  • Select “N.U.in Deposit” under “Your Next Steps”
  • Indicate whether you plan on making the first deposit only at this time, or both deposits at once
  • You can also make your site selection on that same screen, or come back to make your selection at a later time
  • Click “Make Deposit”

To learn more about location eligibility, please visit our Location Eligibility page and the “Academics” tab under each of our program locations. Please note that once a site has been selected, students cannot switch to a different location. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to consider thoughtfully before making their site selection.

Enrollment Deposit Deadlines

  • Enrollment Deposit 1: Due 11:59 p.m. EST May 1, 2017: $1,200
  • Enrollment Deposit 2: Due 11:59 p.m. EST June 1, 2017: $2,500

Additional Documents for Northeastern

After you submit your deposit and before departing for your fall semester, please request that the following information (if applicable) is sent to the address below:

  • Final high school transcript (required)
  • Advanced Placement test results
  • International Baccalaureate exam results
  • New or updated SAT/ACT scores
  • Official secondary-school national exam results
  • Updated TOEFL/IELTS results
  • College transcripts from any previous work

Mail this information to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions Application Processing Center
Northeastern University
P.O. Box 8210
Portsmouth, NH 03802

  • Additionally, for international students, please complete the I-20 Request Form here.

Additional Documents for N.U.in

N.U.in participants will be required to complete additional paperwork for The N.U.in Program. In order to complete this paperwork, students will need to access their myNEU portals. For details on how to create your portal, if you have not done so already, please see the instructions found in your Application Status Check. Once in the myNEU portal, navigate to “The N.U.in Program” within the “Self Service” tab.

All enrollment documents for the Fall 2017 semester will be available after May 1, 2017. The deadline to submit these documents, including course registration, is May 19, 2017. Students will receive an email communication when the enrollment paperwork is available in the myNEU portal.

Please note that N.U.in England and N.U.in Ireland: FIE@DBS students must utilize two systems to complete their pre-departure paperwork, one for The N.U.in Program and one for the Foundation for International Education (FIE). Use the links below for instructions on how to access both systems:

N.U.in England Paperwork Instructions
N.U.in Ireland: FIE@DBS Paperwork Instructions

In addition, N.U.in England and N.U.in Ireland: UCD students must complete a background check for the Service-Learning component of the program. For additional information on the background check, please review this guide.