N.U.in and Northeastern’s Curriculum

Courses taken with the N.U.in Program align with the first-semester freshman curriculum taught at Northeastern and integrate cultural learning opportunities. In addition to fulfilling major requirements, N.U.in courses also count toward NUpath, our institution-wide general education requirements for students in all majors. 

The 2019 N.U.in Program Course Description Guide provides a detailed list of all the courses offered as a part of The N.U.in Program across each of our locations. Course maps outlining the academic program of study per college and major for each location can be found on location academic pages. See the links at the bottom of this page.

Preparing for Academics While Abroad

Course Registration
Check back for more information on Fall 2019 course registration.

Students will register for courses in May online. Students will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to review their course registration at Pre-Departure Orientation. Students with a passing score on an Advanced Placement (AP) exam, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit or other college-level transferrable courses must report this during the N.U.in registration process. You will receive your class schedule when you arrive on-site.

Academic Advisor Contact Information
Contact the academic advising office of your college.

AP/IB Credit 
To ensure you receive transfer credit at Northeastern for AP/IB coursework, please verify that AP grade reports were sent to Northeastern by calling College Board AP Services at +1 609.771.7300 or toll-free at +1 888.225.5427.

Transfer Credit from other College/University 
Send final transcripts for any college-level transferrable courses to the admissions processing center.

Northeastern University Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 8210
Portsmouth, NH 03802

Northeastern Transfer Credit

Grade Requirement
Some partner institutions may have a grading system that does not reflect U.S. institution’s grading scale (A, B, C). Please see the grade conversion chart on site specific academic pages at the bottom of the page, if applicable. To receive transfer credit for a course, students must attain a grade of C or better, using the U.S. grading system.

In accordance with Northeastern’s transfer credit policies, students’ official transcripts will only reflect that you received credit for a course, but not the grade itself.

If you decide to apply for further educational opportunities or scholarships, official transcripts from all institutions attended are typically requested. Please see this page for more information on how to request additional transcripts from the host institution.

Academics by N.U.in Location