Partner Institution

New College of the Humanities (NCH) is a prestigious, university-level college in the heart of London, founded by the philosopher A.C Grayling, who is the college’s Master. Small by design, NCH offers a unique and broad liberal arts-inspired curriculum with highly personalized teaching. Humanities at NCH is understood in the broadest terms, from the creative arts to economics; students benefit from being in an interdisciplinary academic environment.

In 2018 NCH entered into a close partnership with Northeastern, becoming part of the Northeastern family.

College Compatibility in England

The England Program curriculum was tailored to meet the academic needs and requirements of students in the following colleges.

Please see course offerings by college below:

Bouvé College of Health Sciences
College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD)
College of Engineering (COE)
College of Science (COS)
College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH)
D’Amore-McKim School of Business (DMSB)
Khoury College of Computer Science
Explore Program for Undeclared Students whose primary academic interest lies within one of the above colleges

The 2020 Program Course Description Guide provides a detailed list of all the courses offered as a part of The Program across each of our locations.

Course Logistics

Students will learn more about the host institutions policies and expectations during on-site orientation.

Class Schedule
Please see Program Academics for information on course registration information. You will receive your class schedule when you arrive in England.


It is recommended that participants wait until arriving on site to purchase the necessary books. It is generally a good idea to review the syllabus for a class prior to buying any materials. Students can generally purchase books at Waterstones or other local bookstores.

Grading Scale 

NCH uses the American grading system, meaning that grades will look similar to those earned in the US. The rubric is explained clearly at the beginning of the semester in each syllabus to ensure consistency and offer a guide from the beginning of the class.

Academic Policies

Please visit New College of the Humanities’ website to review the Academic Handbook.