Partner Institution

The Australia: USYD Program partners with the University of Sydney (USYD). Founded in 1850, USYD was Australia’s first university and today sits among the highest-ranked universities in the world. Known for its reputation of global leadership in research and education, the University upholds its founding principle of being a modern and progressive institution.

Students experience a well-rounded semester of engaging and challenging academics as well as access to USYD’s clubs, societies, and all the other resources that the campus has to offer.

College Compatibility for Australia: USYD

The Australia: USYD Program curriculum is tailored to meet the academic needs and requirements of students in the following colleges.

Please see course offerings by college below:

College of Arts Media and Design (CAMD)
College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH)
Explore Program for undeclared students whose primary academic interest lies within CAMD or CSSH

Please note all courses are subject to change

The 2020 Program Course Description Guide (available in late spring) provides a detailed list of all the courses offered as a part of The Program across each of our locations.

Course Logistics

Students will learn more about the host institutions policies and expectations during on-site orientation.

Class Schedule
Please see Academics while Abroad for information on course registration information. You will receive your class schedule when you arrive in Australia.

Students should not purchase textbooks until their courses have been confirmed by their academic advisor and their class schedule has been finalized.

We recommend that students wait until after arriving in Sydney to purchase all necessary textbooks and materials.

Grading Scale 
The University of Sydney’s grading system is different from what U.S. students may be used to. Please see here for a grade conversion chart. To receive transfer credit for a course, students must attain a grade of C or better, using the U.S. grading system.

Academic Resources Abroad

Below are some of the Academic Resources offered by our partner institution. Please visit their websites for the most up-to-date information.

Learning Centre
The University of Sydney’s Learning Centre provides resources for students to build and extend the skills they need for academic success. The Learning Centre’s services include workshops, individual meetings, support programs, and print and online resources for students.

Mathematics Learning Centre
The Mathematics Learning Centre at the University of Sydney offers assistance to students to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for studying math or statistics at the university level.

Writing Hub
The University’s Writing Hub provides support and workshops for students looking to improve their writing skills in developing arguments, critical thinking, and composition.