Partner Institution

The Australia: SUT Program partners with Swinburne University of Technology (SUT). Swinburne began with a rather simple premise in 1908: to offer technical education to people in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Since then, SUT has continuously grown to extend its presence within Australia and internationally.

SUT’s Hawthorn campus, where students take classes and live, offers access to a top-tier library, wireless internet, and a wide range of student organizations and activities.

College Compatibility for Australia: SUT

The Australia: SUT Program curriculum is tailored to meet the academic needs and requirements of students in the following colleges:

Bouvé College of Health Sciences: Only students in Health Science or Pharmacy majors
College of Engineering (COE)
College of Science (COS): The following majors (and their combined majors) are not eligible: Behavioral Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry. Students in these programs will be required to provide proof of AP/IB/transfer credit for Chemistry in order to be eligible. Additionally, the following majors (and their combined majors) are not eligible: Linguistics and Psychology. Students in these programs will be required to provide proof of AP/IB/transfer credit for Psychology in order to be eligible.
Explore Program for undeclared students whose primary academic interest lies within a major or college listed above

The 2020 Program Course Description Guide (available in late spring) provides a detailed list of all the courses offered as a part of The Program across each of our locations.

Course Logistics

Students will learn more about the host institutions policies and expectations during on-site orientation.

Class Schedule
Please see Academics While Abroad for information on course registration information. You will receive your class schedule when you arrive in Australia.

Students should not purchase textbooks until their courses have been confirmed by their academic advisor and their class schedule has been finalized. The textbook list depends on each lecturer at Swinburne and is typically not released to students until a few days before classes begin.

Therefore, we recommend that students wait until after arrival in Melbourne to purchase all textbooks at the Swinburne campus bookstore or through other vendors (online, other students, etc.).

Grading Scale 
Swinburne University of Technology’s (SUT) grading system is different from what U.S. students may be used to. Please see here for a grade conversion chart. To receive transfer credit for a course, students must attain a grade of C or better, using the U.S. grading system.

Academic Resources Abroad

Below are some of the Academic Resources offered by our partner institution. Please see their websites for the most up to date information.

Mathematics and Statistics Help (MASH) Centre

Students can use the  Mathematics and Statistics Help Center for independent and group work; one-on-one or group tutoring sessions; and attending additional classes to support math subjects. The MASH Centre provides extra notes and self-paced materials; exam papers and solution sets; textbooks and videos on math topics; loaner calculators; and assignment sheets for all first-year math subjects.

Learning and Academic Skills (LAS) Centre
The Learning and Academic Skills (LAS) Centre is free for all students and assists in the areas of assignment and research writing; math, physics, and statistics; language and learning skills; and time management. The LAS Centre provides workshops, seminars, online study skills resources, and individual consultations.