Getting a Northeastern Edge

The Northeastern Edge Grant, in association with Northeastern’s Lifetime Learning Membership, provides eligible students completing their Northeastern degree in four years with financial flexibility to create their own learning journeys, based on our belief that learning happens everywhere, and facilitated by our experiential approach to education. You can take advantage of a range of post-baccalaureate credentials including Professional Master’s, Bootcamps, and Certificate programs. The Northeastern Edge Grant offers undergraduates completing their Bachelor’s on a four year plan up to a $5,000 grant to maximize the value of your Northeastern education by pairing your undergraduate degree with a post-baccalaureate educational option.


Further, you can still take advantage of the Double Husky Scholarship, which lends to an additional 25% tuition discount on your advanced Northeastern credential. In an increasingly competitive job market, the Edge Grant provides Northeastern graduates with a competitive edge on an adjustable timeline, with financial flexibility. In addition, if you have completed your undergraduate degree in four years, and you choose to go out and get full time work experience, you may return within five years to take advantage of the Northeastern Edge Grant. Details regarding applicable programs and eligibility requirements are provided below. If you have specific questions about the Edge Grant, please contact us via email at

Applicable Programs

Discover the options compatible with the Edge Grant:

Post-Baccalaureate Degree Programs:

If you are interested in pursuing a post-baccalaureate degree, explore the options available through Northeastern’s Professional Master’s Programs. Additionally, our Accelerated Entry Eligible Programs allow eligible students to streamline their transition from undergraduate to graduate studies.

Skills-Based Programs and Certificates:
The Ultimate Flexibility:

Northeastern Alumni who complete their degree in four years are eligible to take advantage of the Edge Grant with any of these programs immediately after graduation, or within the next five years.

Eligibility Specifications

  • Eligible students will have completed a full time undergraduate program in four years—this includes students and transfer students bringing in 32 or fewer credits.
  • The Edge Grant provides students with a bank of up to $5,000 to begin using within 5 years of graduation from their bachelor’s program and can be used on eligible graduate degrees or certificate programs. This grant cannot be used on pass-through degrees such as Direct Entry Nursing, Freshman-Entry Doctor of Education, or Freshman-Entry Doctor of Physical Therapy/ Pharmacy—or on PlusOne accelerated master’s programs.
  • In addition to the Edge Grant, students can use the Double Husky scholarship on applicable programs. If a student is offered other grant or scholarship aid from the university, the student can only combine the Edge grant with the scholarship of higher value.
  • The grant is provided to assist with tuition costs only—it is the maximum award that can be used in any given term is up to the cost of tuition.