Accepting/Declining Co-op Job Offers that have been Communicated through NUcareers

Read below about how you can review and accept job offers using NUcareers


1)    Logs in to NUcareers

2)    Reviews extended offers

3)    Accepts an offer within 2 business days of being notified of its availability

4)    Declines offers not interested and inputs a reason for decline


July-October 14

Offers immediately communicated to student dashboard with 2 business days to accept or decline

October 15-28 Consideration Period

Offers input by employers and held in NUcareers but not communicated to students’ dashboards

October 29

Held offers communicated to student dashboards with 2 business days to accept or decline

October 29 – January

Offers immediately communicated to student dashboards with 2 business days to accept or decline

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Setting up a Skills Profile in NUcareers

Read about how to set up a skills profile on NUcareers below…

1. Access your dashboard to set up a Skills Profile 

Students who are “Approved” to search for co-op for a given work period are directed to the NUcareers dashboard to fill out an online Skills Profile form for that period. Students can fill out profile without being approved.

2. Register to submit Skills Profile

Blue  “Register” button is clicked to open blank profile form.


3. Fill out Skills Profile form and upload  resume


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Confirming Your Co-op Supervisor

Use the reflection and assessment site to confirm your supervisor.

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Co-op First Steps: Uploading Documents


Co-op job searches will now take place on the NUcareers platform. The first step in getting started on this new system is to upload your job search documents, including resumes and cover letters that you, along with your coordinator, will use to apply for co-op positions.

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Student Quick Start Video: Applying for Co-op Jobs

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Student Quick Start Video: Finding Jobs

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Way-finding: The Action Bar

The action bar is a selection of important blue buttons that appears on many screens in NUcareers.


Generally, it contains functional buttons that accomplish key tasks relating to the particular screen you have loaded. The action bar’s specific buttons will depend on the page. It can also contain important navigational shortcuts and is designed to expedite and simplify your use of the NUcareers platform.

If you come across references to the action bar on this help site, this is the menu to which we are referring.

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Uploading a Resume

Students can upload documents into their “Co-op” and “Career” document folders to store them on NUcareers, selecting a default resume and application package for each.

On the student dashboard, select “Upload a Document.” This will prompt you to select either “Co-op” or “Career.” documents. Select the option you’d like to upload your resume for. You’ll have to upload documents into these two folders separately.

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Managing Application Packages

NUcareers allows students to upload resumes and application packages into the system and use these to apply for jobs, setting one resume and one package as their default.

Every job requires a different mix of documents depending on the employer’s preference. This particular mix of documents is known as the “Application Package.”

When applying for a particular job you will be given the option to either:

  • Apply with an Existing Application Package
  • Create a Customized Application Package
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Checking the Status of Applications

NUcareers provides students with real-time updates to the status of each application

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Saving a Job Search

In NUcareers, you can save your search criteria and re-run a saved search at a later time.

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Running an Advanced Search

In addition to the quick searches, you can run an advanced search based on some criteria that you define.

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Student Dashboard

The student dashboard is your landing space after you have signed in to NUcareers.  From the dashboard you have access to all of the site features for Career Development and Co-op.

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Student Log In

Students log in to NUcareers using their standard Northeastern credentials.

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Request to Open a Co-op Job Search

If you attempt to search for co-op jobs and you are unable to do so, you should message your coordinator through NUcareers.

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Setting an Intention

Students can submit an Intention for the current work term. To do so, navigate to the Co-op dashboard on your NUcareers account.  

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Applying to a Job

​In order to provide employer with application documents, you must formally apply to all positions that you are actively seeking.

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Setting a Priority on a Job Posting

Once you have reviewed the details of a job posting, you may choose to set a Priority on a job.

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Student Search Results

After running a quick search or an advanced search, you are redirected to a result page displaying jobs matching your criteria.

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Student Search Dashboard

​The Search page is a student’s doorway to all current job postings available on NUcareers.

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Student Co-op Dashboard

The Co-op dashboard is a student’s landing space when accessing the Cooperative Education module of NUcareers.

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