Automating the Communication of Co-op Job Offers to Applicants through NUcareers

What Automated Offers Does

For a given job posting, enables:

  • Automatic notification to students of job offers according to an employer’s ranking-preference;
  • Students to communicate to employers and coordinators their acceptance or decline of an extended offer in NUcareers

At any time during the job search period (August-January), employers have the option to invoke automatic offering for a job post.  


1)   Logs in to NUcareers

2)   Reviews applicants to a job

2)   Sets the application status of certain applicants to “Selected for Interview”;

3)   Expires the job posting

4)   Ranks those “Selected for Interview” in numerical order of hire-preference.

The number of “#1” rankings the employer assigns to interview-selects should always equal the number of openings available for the job title.  There can only be one #2, #3, #4, etc. ranking for the balance of interview-selects.



July-October 14

Offers immediately communicated to student dashboard with 2 business days to accept or decline

October 15-28 Consideration Period

Offers input by employers and held in NUcareers but not communicated to students’ dashboards

October 29

Held offers communicated to student dashboards with 2 business days to accept or decline

October 29 – January

Offers immediately communicated to student dashboards with 2 business days to accept or decline 

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Employer Quick Start Videos

Getting Access to NUcareers – 2:58

Posting a Job to NUcareers – 4:47

Reviewing Applications in NUcareers – 1:54

< Employer Home Page

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Employer Quick Start Video: Reviewing Applications

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Employer Quick Start Video: Posting a Job

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Employer Quick Start Video: Getting Access to NUcareers

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Way-finding: The Action Bar

The action bar is a selection of important blue buttons that appears on many screens in NUcareers.


Generally, it contains functional buttons that accomplish key tasks relating to the particular screen you have loaded. The action bar’s specific buttons will depend on the page. It can also contain important navigational shortcuts and is designed to expedite and simplify your use of the NUcareers platform.

If you come across references to the action bar on this help site, this is the menu to which we are referring.

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Creating a Custom Application Bundle

If you would like to share application documents with a colleague in order to help in the hiring process, you can create a custom application bundle.

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Downloading an Application Bundle

If you have been sent an application bundle, you can download and review the applications without logging in to NUcareers.

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Notifying Applicants of Interview Selections

You can use NUcareers to notify applicants and the Northeastern co-op coordinator of your interview selections.

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Reviewing Applications

NUcareers allows employers to review applications from students and alumni online.

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Posting a New Job

You can post a new job from the dashboard, you Career job postings page, your Co-op job posting page.

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Re-posting a job

You can quickly re-post a job to be offered again in a future term.

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Employer Dashboard

After logging into NUcareers, you will be directed to your dashboard.

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Retrieving Your Password

If you are an employer that has an account history from Husky Career Link (our previous Career Services application) or COOL (our previous Co-op Application), your account has been migrated to NUcareers.

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