Student does not confirm supervisor

The reflection and assessment system will automatically solicit from the student the name and email address of their supervisor. The listed supervisor will then be prompted by the system to either confirm or deny their role as supervisor for the placement. This process will require that the supervisor have an account on the reflection and assessment tool. Once an account is set up, the supervisor will be able to use it for all current and future placements. Therefore, existing supervisors will simply be asked to login in order to confirm placements and new ones will be asked to sign up. The system will send the appropriate instructions to the supervisor depending on whether they have an account or not. 

Ideally, the process described above is entirely self-service and does not require intervention from staff. However, several things could require intervention by staff. Below are listed these events and how to address them:

  1. Student does not confirm supervisor
    1. This is the first step in the process and if it is not completed, the proper supervisor may never be listed on the placement record. By default, the system will enter in the job contact as the supervisor. Because the job contact is not always the supervisor, students are asked to confirm or replace this value. If the student ignores this prompt, the placement will show as “student not confirmed.” 
    2. You can quickly identify the student not confirmed population under Supervisors on reflection and assessment. For a given term and coordinator, click on Quick Filters > Student Not Confirmed
    3. You can select all or some of the students using the check box at left. Then, you can select Email Selected and from the drop down menu choose the Reminder to Confirm email.
    4. Alternatively, you can click on the Manage link next to each placement. This will allow you to manually edit the audit details. For more information about manually editing placement details, view the audit section below




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