Repost and Edit

You can re-post a job listed under your account to be offered again in a future term.

Click either ‘Cooperative Education’ or ‘Career Development’ in the main left navigation to see a list of your previous postings in that module. From your list of postings, click the ‘Repost’ button to being. Note that for jobs that are still active, the ‘Repost’ button will be labeled ‘Copy Posting’.

If you would like to change details in the posting before offering it for the new term, select “Repost and Edit.”

Next select the term to re-post to and enter an application deadline.

You will then be allowed to adjust the settings on this posting. After you are finished editing the post, click on “Submit” at the bottom of the form. 

Your new posting will be directed to a Northeastern co-op coordinator for review and approval. Once approved, it will be accessible to students.



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