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The automated offer tool provides employers the convenience of making co-op offers to students through NUcareers. As with traditional offers, employers interview candidates and then select those to whom they would like to extend offers. However, the advantage of utilizing this system is that students will be notified electronically of their offers and students will, through the automated tool, accept or decline offers within 48 business hours. Employers can rank up to 10 candidates for one opening, and offers will be sent consecutively and automatically, based upon whether the previous offer was accepted or declined.
To use the automated offer tool, you must specify on the job form that you would like to,  using the initial question, pictured here:
Once applications roll in for an enabled posting, you’ll have to follow the following steps:

1)   Log in to NUcareers

2)   Review applicants to a job

2)   Set the application status of certain applicants to “Selected for Interview”;

3)   Expire the job posting

4)   Ranks those “Selected for Interview” in numerical order of hire-preference.

The number of “#1” rankings the employer assigns to interview-selects should always equal the number of openings available for the job title.  There can only be one #2, #3, #4, etc. ranking for the balance of interview-selects.

If an applicant you’ve selected accepts your offer, you’ll receive an email notification. You will also be able to view the placement record upon viewing the job on your dashboard.

This will present all of the placement details for you. 

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