Work Term Records – Correcting a Record That is Not Linked to a Job Posting

In order to complete a Work Term Record, it is essential that the record is associated to a specific job posting.  In some cases, that association can be broken and in others, the linked posting is incomplete.  Follow these steps to identify and correct these issues.

Missing or Incomplete?

You can identify whether the problem is a missing job posting or an incomplete job posting from the student’s co-op record.  In the student’s sequence, each placement will list the company and the job posting for the placement.   If you see a company name, but no job posting, then the link to a posting is missing.  Click the company name to open the Work Term Record.

If you DO see a job posting number and you have been notified that this placement is missing a job posting, the posting is likely incomplete.  Click on the ‘View Posting’ link to open the Job Posting Record.’



Missing Link to Job Posting

After clicking on the ‘Edit’ button on the Work Term Record, the ‘Link To’ section will display at the top of the edit screen.  If the job has been linked to an Organization, Division and Contact, the ‘Job Posting’ drop down will provide choices for all the jobs associated to them.  In most cases, it is easier to select from the second drop down, which lists all the jobs that the selected student has applied for in the given term.  Once you have made your selection, click the save button.



Incomplete Posting

After clicking on the ‘View Posting’ link, check on the status of the linked posting.  If the posting has a status of Incomplete, you should edit the posting details and complete all required fields.  An existing posting can become incomplete if someone attempts to edit the posting, does not complete all required fields and navigates away from the posting without ever completing all fields.

If the posting is locked or if the posting has a status of Pending, Declined, or is deleted, please use the Task to restore the posting.



Restoring a Posting Via Task

To restore a locked posting, go to Interactions in the main left navigation bar.   From the Interactions dashboard, select Create a Task -> General Task


Select the category ‘Expire a Posting’.  Enter a job Number and save the task.


The job will be restored with an updated status of ‘Expired’ on the quarter hour.


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