Monitoring Work Term Records for Data Quality

In order for a new Work Term record to be complete and ready for sharing across other university systems, it must pass a check for data quality.

The issues being tracked include:

  • The placement record must have a valid Term and Length combination (more info here)
  • The placement record must have valid start and end dates (see below)
  • The student must be assigned to and active Co-op Primary Manager
  • The placement record must be associated to a complete Job Posting Record (more info here)
  • The student must be working full-time or have multiple part time placements. (for more information on created in a second concurrent placement click here)

Beginning in early 2018, regular reports will be distributed to help you correct and work term records that have some missing or inconsistent data.  

Daily notifications will alert you to any placements you made the previous day with any outstanding issues.  Weekly emails will include any placements made in the last 60 days that still have not been addressed.  Both notifications will be delivered to the person who created with Work Term Record.


Valid Start and End Dates

The daily and weekly reports check the start and end dates on the placement record and compares them to the baseline expected start and end date inferred by the term and length.  If there is a difference of more that 15 days between a start or end date on the placement record and an expected start or end date, the placement will be marked as a possible data error and will be included in the daily report. 

In the ‘Issue’ field on the report, you will see either ‘Check Start Date’, ‘Check End Date’ or ‘Check Start and End Date’.  These placements will not be included in the weekly report unless there is another data integrity issue.

The table below lists the expected approximate start and end dates for each valid placement term and length combination.

TermLengthStart DateEnd Date
Spring4 Month1/14/30
Spring6 Month1/16/30
Spring8 Month1/18/30
SpringSPS1 Split1/14/30
Fall4 Month9/112/30
Fall6 Month7/112/30
FallS2FL Split9/112/30
Summer4 Month5/18/30
Summer8 Month5/112/30
SummerS1 Only5/16/30
SummerS2 Only7/18/30
SummerSPS1 Split5/16/30
SummerS2FL Split7/18/30

In addition, the Start and End dates must be far enough apart to meet the minimum requirements for each placement length.  The table below shows the minimum work days for each placement length.  Placements that do not meet the minimum number of work days will be reported in both the daily and weekly reports.

Placement LengthMinimum Days
6 Month80
4 Month55
8 Month135
2 Month (S1 Only, S2 Only, SPS1 Split, S2FL Split)25


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