Advanced Reports – Creating a Subscription

In Advanced Reports, you can create a subscription to deliver report content via email on a scheduled basis.

To begin, go to the report to which you would like to subscribe and click the report name in the header.


Next, click the ‘Subscriptions’ tag on the left navigation bar.  Then click the button to create a ‘New Subscription’


In the ‘Report Delivery Options’ section, enter your email address in the ‘To’ field.  You can also edit the subject as you desire.

It is recommended that you leave the ‘Include Report’ and ‘Include Link’ buttons checked.  If you check to include the report, you can also specify the format. 

MHTML (web archive) will put a tabular version of the report into the body or the email. 

Excel will deliver and Excel worksheet as an attachment to the email.


Next you will be selecting a schedule for delivery. 

Click the ‘Select Schedule’ button and complete this section according to your needs.



Finally, you can configure the report parameters.  In most cases, you can use the default value for most parameters.  In other cases, you may want to select a custom value.  For example, you may just be interested in ‘Global’ placements or you may just be interested in job postings for a certain college or job manager.  Complete the parameters and finalize the subscription by clicking the ‘OK’ button.  


If the report is not delivered as expected, you can return to the report and edit your subscription.


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