Completing the Supervisor Assessment

At the end of each term, we ask that supervisors complete an assessment of their co-op student. These assessments help students reflect upon and maximize their experience. Below are the steps for completing this process online: 

To gain access to a student’s assessment you must either be a) the confirmed primary supervisor of the student or b) a named additional evaluator.  

Confirming Your Role as Primary Supervisor

At the beginning of the co-op placement, students are asked the confirm the identity and contact information of their primary supervisor who will be completing their assessment at the end of their work assignment.  After the student confirms their supervisor, the named individual will be emailed and asked to confirm in turn.  

If you’re a returning employer
The supervisor portal is located at — simply follow this link to begin the process. Your credentials will be your NUcareers email address and password. If you’ve never logged into NUcareers, or cannot remember your password, follow this link to reset:

If you  face problems with logging in: Request help here, specifying the student that you supervise 

If you’re a new user
If you’re a brand new supervisor, please use the registration link included in the email asking you to confirm your role as supervisor.  If you are a new employer trying to assess a student who has not yet named you as supervisor, please ask the student to do so ASAP.  You will need a personalized link in order to establish an account. 

Confirm  your role as a student’s supervisor
Once you’re in the portal, make sure to confirm your student. In order to have access to your student’s assessment, you first have to confirm your role as supervisor. If you select the “Students” link, you’ll be brought to a list of students who are working at your company, organized by term. To find your student, simply navigate to the appropriate term. Next to their name, select “Confirm myself as this student’s Primary Supervisor” 

If you see other students that you are supervising, but have not yet named you as supervisor, you can initiate the process by clicking the “Confirm myself..” link on their record as well.  In this case, you will be granted access to that student’s assessment once they confirm in turn.

Finally, if there are other students for whom you are are not the primary supervisor, but you would like to contribute to their assessment, you can name yourself as an ‘Additional Evaluator.



Accessing the Assessments

In most cases, Assessments will be made available starting in the final month of the student’s work assignment.  Since it has most likely been a long time since you confirmed your role as supervisor, confirmed supervisors will be notified with a reminder to complete assessments.  

Return to and click on “Assessments.” Here you’ll find all students where you are the confirmed primary supervisor or an additional evaluator. Click “Begin” to start the process. You can save your answers and come back later, only submitting when you are fully complete. 


Once you complete the assessment, your responses will be available for the student to see.  Upon completion, you will have 14 days to make any revisions before the assessment becomes finalized.

For questions or concerns: Request help here, specifying the student that you supervise 

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