Confirming Your Co-op Supervisor

Use the reflection and assessment site to confirm your supervisor.

In the first couple weeks of your placement, you will be prompted by an email from to confirm the identity of your supervisor.  This is an important step to grant access to your end of co-op performance assessment to the appropriate individual.  In many cases, the person initially on record at the time of placement was a job interview contact and not someone who will be seeing you on a daily basis.  

Please review the contact information carefully and name someone who will be able to assess your performance based on direct observation.  If the person needing to assess your performance changes, you can update this information at any time at

To confirm your supervisor, go to the ‘Confirm Your Supervisor’ page.


Select a placement.  This will show the current person named and the confirmation status.  To confirm or change your supervisor, click the Confirm/Change link.  Then enter that person’s contact information, your wage, and work location.


Once you submit the form, you will be redirection back the the placement selection screen.  You will see a notice that the person you named have been sent a request to confirm in turn.  Both parties need to confirm the supervisor relationship in order to grant access to your assessment.  If at any time you need to re-send a request to confirm to your supervisor, you can do so here.


When your supervisor confirms, you will be notified via email.  That confirmation status will also be reflection on the reflection and assessment site.


Once both parties have confirmed, the supervisor will have access to the assessment.  Assessments typically are available starting the last month of the placement.  Confirmed supervisors will be emailed a reminder to complete your assessment.

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