Managing Application Packages

NUcareers allows students to upload resumes and application packages into the system and use these to apply for jobs, setting one resume and one package as their default.

Every job requires a different mix of documents depending on the employer’s preference. This particular mix of documents is known as the “Application Package.”

When applying for a particular job you will be given the option to either:

  • Apply with an Existing Application Package
  • Create a Customized Application Package

You may elect the former if you already have created a package that meets the job’s needs. For instance, a package comprising of a generic cover letter and resume may be appropriate for a wide range of jobs. But if a job requires a different range of documents, say a transcript, resume, and cover letter, or if you’d like to use different documents tailored to the specific job, you may create a whole new customized package and apply with that instead.

Applying with an existing package is easy enough. Once you select “Apply” on a particular job, you will  be taken to a screen listing the application requirements for the job. If you have a package that contains the necessary application documents, you may click on the “Apply with an Existing Application Package” radio button in the “Submit Application” menu. Your application packages will show up, allowing you to view each of them in pdf format. Select the one you’d like to use and press “Submit Application.”


If you’d like to create a custom package, simply click on the “Create a Customized Application Package” button instead.

This will prompt you to input the package name. You can then select which documents you’d like to upload into the package. NUcareers will allow you to select one file for each document type (eg. resume, cover letter, art work) for the package. If you’d like to include a document that you have not yet uploaded, simply click on the “Click to upload a new document” link. Once you upload the document, it will be available for inclusion in the package.

When finished, press “Submit Application.”


There are some advantages to setting a default application package. A default application package signals to your coordinator which mix of documents is widely applicable enough for them to use when applying on your behalf to job postings. To set a default application package, navigate to either Career Development or Cooperative Education in the left menu pane. Then select Documents.

The list of documents you have uploaded will appear. In the action bar, select, Set Document Defaults. 


Select package in the drop down menu. A list of your application packages will appear. Simply select the radio button next to the package you would like to set as your default.

Note: You cannot assemble a package from your document folder. You can only set a package created for a previous job entry as your default application package.



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