Running an Advanced Search

In addition to the quick searches, you can run an advanced search based on some criteria that you define.

The jobs ‘For My Program’ provides you with quick access to jobs offered to your major.


When looking outside of your major you can run a quick search by keyword or location.  For a wider variety of search criteria, click the ‘Advanced Search’ link.


Some criteria that you may want to search by include: job type (Domestic or International), Region, and Job Function.




You may also wish to search based on majors other than your own.  When doing so, you can search by ‘Major Clusters’ or ‘Individual Majors.’

Major clusters are groups of majors organized to provide you with a shorter, more manageable list of search options.  When you search by cluster,  your search results will return all jobs matching to any of the majors in that cluster.  For example, the ‘Architecture’ cluster is composed of Architecture, Architecture Studies, and Landscape Architecture.  Selecting the ‘Architecture’ cluster is a shortcut to search all of these three majors.  You can also search by individual majors if you are seeking a more specific search result.


Once you’ve established a search criteria that provides a desirable result, you may wish to save your search for re-use.

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