Creating a Custom Application Bundle

If you would like to share application documents with a colleague in order to help in the hiring process, you can create a custom application bundle.

From your list of applications, click the ‘Application Options’ button.  If you would like to include all applicants, click ‘Download All Applications.’  If you would like to include applications selectively, click ‘Create Custom Application Download.’


You will be redirected to a new list of applications with check boxes in each row.  Check off all the applications that you would like to include, then click the ‘Create an Application Bundle’ button.


You will be redirected to a list of bundles for this job.  To email this bundle to a colleague, click the ‘Email Bundle’ button.


You will be redirected to an email composition page.  Add an email address in the ‘To’ field and send your message.

The recipient will be sent a link to the Bundle and a download code.

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