Reviewing Applications

NUcareers allows employers to review applications from students and alumni online. For Career job postings, employers have access to the application packages of all students and alumni.  To review applications, begin by accessing your list of job postings.  You can do so by clicking either the ‘Full Time / Internship Postings’ or the ‘Co-op’ postings banner on the dashboard.  Job posting are also accessible via the ‘Job Postings’ tab or the Career/Co-op menu items in the main left navigation. EmployerDashboard From your list of job postings, click on the number in the ‘Applications’ column to jump to a list of that job’s applications. EmpPostingList From the list of applications, you can click on the ‘Quick View’ or ‘Download Package’ button to view a single application. EmployerApplications If you would like to view all applications in a single download, click the ‘Application Options’ button and select ‘Download All Applications’ EmpDownloadAll Once you have made a decision on who you would like to interview, you can update an application status from the default ‘Released to Employer’ to ‘Selected for Interview’ EmpStatusChange Students will be able to see the change in their application status.  Because of this, you may wish to refrain from setting an application status of ‘Not Selected for Interview’ unless you are sure that the student will not be included in any round of interviewing. You may also wish to follow up by notifying the co-op coordinator and the selected applications of your interview selections.    

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