Setting a Priority on a Job Posting

Once you have reviewed the details of a job posting, you may choose to set a Priority on a job.

Setting a priority allows you to create a short list of jobs that they can later return.  You may wish to review new postings and set a priority on jobs you are Very Interested or Interested in.  Later, you can return to your shorter list of ‘Priority’ jobs and make decisions about applying.  You can also use Priority setting as a means to signal to your co-op coordinator which jobs are your top choices.

From the top of a job posting record, click the “Priority” button.


After clicking the Priority button, you will be prompted to set the priority level.  Select a priority, then click the ‘Add’ button.


If you don’t wish to apply at this time, click the ‘Back to Search Results’ button to return to consider other job postings.

When you return to your job search dashboard, the ‘My Priority Jobs’ shortcut reflection your activity and provides a means to return to those jobs where you set a priority.


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