Applying to a Job

​In order to provide employer with application documents, you must formally apply to all positions that you are actively seeking.  From the top of a Job Posting record, click the green “Apply” button to begin. Apply1 NUcareers first compares the job posting’s document requirements against the documents that you’ve already uploaded.  If the application requires a document type that you have not uploaded yet, you will be prompted to add the required document type.  For example, some job postings may require a cover letter.  If you do not have a cover letter uploaded, you will be prompted to add one before proceeding with your application. Apply2 Once you have uploaded at least one document of each of the required types, you can proceed.  If this is your FIRST application through NUcareers, you will be prompted to create your first application package. Apply3 Name the package and add any documents that you would like to include.  All application packages require a resume, but you may also include a cover letter or work sample.  Even if you already have a resume uploaded, you may wish to add a new one.  Click the ‘Click to upload a new document’ link to add another document.  The select a document from the drop down list. Apply4 Once the application Package is complete, you can Submit the application Apply4b When applying to subsequent Job Postings you will now have the option to choose from an existing Application Package (provided it meets the document requirements for the posting) or create another new application package. Apply5

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