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NExT Summer Convening

July 15-17

Northeastern University Boston Campus


July 15-17 on our Boston campus for an incredible experience of educators learning with and from each other as they consider the power and potential of experiential learning in their classrooms, schools, districts, and community.


This summer, educators from across the country are coming to share how they are employing experiential learning to deepen their students’ engagement in learning, connect around their endeavors, and design their own vision for how to employ experiential learning to benefit their communities.  Like last year, there will be a number of activities to INSPIRE, LEARN, CONNECT, and CREATE, with the intention of teams leaving the 3-day convening not only inspired by the possibilities of experiential learning but a design for making experiential learning a reality in their classroom, school, school system and community.

In addition, we will be launching our new digital platform—the NExT Commons—for connecting all of our NExT experiential learning educators beyond the summer and across the world.  The NExT Commons will be a virtual hub for sharing exemplary practices, creating connections across educators and communities, and provisioning an ongoing and growing variety of resources and supports for pursuing experiential learning.


July 15-19

Day 1: July 15






CONNECT: Homerooms by teams and roles.



INSPIRE: 2 rounds of INSPIRE sessions
Come be inspired by what other schools, programs, districts and communities are doing to meaningfully engage their youth in experiential learning.


LUNCH, in International Village—continue to CONNECT.


LEARN & CREATE: A variety of interactive workshops will be provided ranging from how schools and districts pursued experiential learning to overviews of theory and practice (2 rounds).


CONNECT: Connect again by homerooms—what are you learning from your experience so far, that is important to take note of?


CONNECT: Connect with our GSE students across NExT and our EdD, MEd, and MAT programs during this poster session with food, wine, and other beverages.

Day 2: July 16




LEARN: There will be two rounds of LEARN panels and workshops, digging further into the topic of experiential learning and how it can be realized across a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes.


LUNCH will be provided in our Northeastern Centennial Common along with our GSE students attending our GSE residency. Come learn more with and from each other.


CREATE: Design Studios. You will be working in your homerooms using design theory to create how you might pursue the ideas and practices you have been learning with one another over the previous day and a half. GSE faculty and NExT partners will be facilitating the design with an eye on how you can more deeply pursue experiential learning in your context. This can include individual teachers or teams from schools or districts planning for the upcoming fall.


LEARN: Come view “Where Students Lead” to hear from BVCAPS students what it is like to be empowered to pursue their profession-based interests and passions under the guidance and mentorship of the CAPS community and industry partners.

A panel and audience discussion will follow the screening.

Day 3: July 17




TRANSFORM: Why is Northeastern contributing to this movement? Northeastern University leaders will share why Northeastern is making a significant contribution to K-12 educators, schools, school systems, and communities to bring experiential learning to life across the country and beyond, as well as share their vision for being a part of the movement in the coming year and beyond.


CREATE: Each individual and team will construct a poster presenting how they intend to take what they have learned over the previous two days and realize experiential learning in their context.


INSPIRE, LEARN and CONNECT: Everyone will share their plans and have an opportunity to hear from others, give feedback, and get feedback from one another regarding their plans by way of a gallery walk. This is an opportunity for everyone to see and discuss all the great plans being developed for the coming year as a result of the convening. Come be inspired by what other schools, programs, districts and communities are doing to meaningfully engage their youth in experiential learning.


LUNCH, in International Village—continue to CONNECT and ensure you will stay connected.


TRANSFORM: In our homerooms, we will review the multiple ways that the community can remain connected and continue to learn with and from each other over the year. This includes making use of the NExT Commons, a digital platform for staying connected, participating in groups, sharing your work, and seeing what others are doing. It will also be an opportunity for participants to state what they would find of value from Northeastern University and the NExT community in supporting educators to pursue experiential learning.


INSPIRE, LEARN and CONNECT: A final time to reflect on what was learned and to hear from others what they are taking away with them from the convening.

JOIN US! JULY 15-17 on our Northeastern University Boston Campus

Our mission is to elevate experiential learning and make it accessible to every learner in the country. To do this, we are bringing a diverse network of stakeholders together to share their bold ideas and visions on how to leverage experiential learning to transform schools, districts, educational systems, and broader opportunities for educators and students at all levels.

A Sampling of Participants

BVCAPS (Overland Park KS) of the CAPS Network
Barrington (RI) Public Schools
Natick (MA) Public Schools
One Stone (Boise ID)
Charlotte (NC) Lab School
Lyndon Institute (Lyndon Center VT)
VANTAGE Advanced Professional Studies, (Minnetonka MN)
Workspace Education (Bethel CT)
Slate Valley Unified School District (Fair Haven VT)
EXCEL CAPS Program (Little Rock AR)
Boston (MA) Public Schools
Education Reimagined (Washington DC)
Highlander Institute (Providence RI)
Tahoe Expedition Academy (Truckee CA)
Modern Montessori School (Amman, Jordan)
UC Berkeley
Martel Learning Group (Saco ME)
Education First (Boston MA)
Overflow Productions (Lenexa KS)


The majority of the convening will be held in the Curry Student Center on our Boston Northeastern University campus, with registration from 8-8:30 Monday morning, July 15.

The convening fee is $200 per person to be paid prior to the convening. Schools & districts have the option of being invoiced for the convening.


On Campus Housing

Guests interested in staying on-campus must make their housing accommodations no later than Monday, June 24, 2019. 
To register for on-campus housing. cost for on-campus housing is $240 for three nights. These rates are available until June 24, 2019.  To view on-campus housing details, you can click on this link:
Off Campus Accommodations
To sign up for off-campus housing, you can book a room at The Sheraton with a special Northeastern University rate. To review, click on the following link: These rates are available until June 14, 2019.


With any questions about how to RSVP, pay the summer convening fee, or sign up for on or off campus housing, please email us at

The Northeastern Team

Mary Loeffelholz

Mary Loeffelholz

​Dean, Northeastern University College of Professional Studies and Vice President, Lifelong Learning Network

Lydia Young

Lydia Young

​Associate Dean of the ​Graduate School of Education

Kelly Conn

Kelly Conn

Graduate School of Education ​Faculty

Kim Nolan

Kim Nolan

​Graduate School of Education ​Faculty

Corliss Thompson

Corliss Thompson

​Graduate School of Education ​Faculty

Chris Unger

Chris Unger

​Graduate School of Education ​Faculty