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Members of the Corporation 2013-2014

Our Mission

To educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.

To create and translate knowledge to meet global and societal needs.

Board of Trustees

Henry J. Nasella

Henry J. Nasella, Chair – Board of Trustees, UC'77, H'08
LNK Partners
White Plains, NY

Barbara Alleyne

Barbara C. Alleyne, LA'70
Brokerage Consultant
KGS-Alpha Capital LP
New York, NY

Joseph E. Aoun

Joseph E. Aoun
Northeastern University
Boston, MA

Margot Botsford

Margot Botsford, L'73
Associate Justice
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Boston, MA

Nonnie S. Burnes

Nonnie S. Burnes, L'78, H'07
Justice (retired), Massachusetts Superior Court
Former Massachusetts State Insurance Commissioner
Boston, MA

Peter B. Cameron

Peter B. Cameron, DMSB'70
Lenox Group Inc.
Boston, MA

Jeffrey J. Clarke

Jeffrey J. Clarke, MBA’85
Managing Partner
August Columbia Capital Group LLC
San Francisco, CA

William J. Conley Jr.

William J. Conley Jr., DMSB'90
Goldman Sachs & Co.
New York, NY

William J. Cotter

William J. Cotter, LA'73
Senior Vice President of Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Boston, MA

Richard D'Amore

Richard A. D'Amore, Vice Chair- Board of Trustees, DMSB'76
North Bridge
Waltham, MA

Edmond English

Edmond J. English, DMSB'76
Bob's Discount Furniture
Manchester, CT

Spencer Fung

Spencer Fung, PA’96
Group COO & Executive Director
Li & Fung Limited
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Richard D'Amore

Edward G. Galante, Vice Chair – Board of Trustees, E'73
Former Senior Vice President
Exxon Mobil
Director: Praxair, Celanese, Clean Harbors, Foster Wheeler
Dallas, TX

Charles K. Gifford

Charles K. Gifford
Chairman Emeritus
Bank of America
Boston, MA

Lucian Grange

Lucian Grainge CBE
Chairman & CEO
Universal Music Group
Santa Monica, CA

David L. House

David L. House, ME'69
Brocade Communications Systems
Sunnyvale, CA

William Howard

William S. Howard, E'69
Executive Vice President and Unit President of Asia Pacific and Middle East
CDM Smith
Providence, RI

Frances N. Janis

Frances N. Janis, MBA’82
Senior Partner
Pomona Capital
New York, NY

Venetia G. Kontogouris

Venetia G. Kontogouris, LA'74
Managing Director
Venkon Group, LLC
Weston, CT

Katherine S. McHugh

Katherine S. McHugh, Vice Chair – Board of Trustees, L'74, H'08J
Executive Director
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Boston, MA

Alan S. McKim

Alan S. McKim, Vice Chair - Board of Trustees, DMSB'88
CEO and Chairman
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.
Norwell, MA

David Mondragon

David Mondragon, MBA'85
Executive Director US Sales, Ford and Lincoln
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI

Kathryn M. Nicholson

Kathryn M. Nicholson, DMSB'66
Vice President of Human Resources
Nova Biomedical Corp
Waltham, MA

John V. Pulichino

John V. Pulichino, ME'72
Group III International Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL

Ronald L. Rossetti

Ronald L. Rossetti, DMSB'66
Essex Point Properties LLC
Beverly, MA

Ronald L. Sargent

Ronald L. Sargent
Chairman and CEO
Staples, Inc.
Framingham, MA

Carole J. Shapazian

Carole J. Shapazian, Vice Chair – Board of Trustees, LA'66, MS'72
Baxter International, Inc.
Acton, MA

Sy Sternberg

Sy Sternberg, Chair Emeritus – Board of Trustees, ME'68, H'12
Former Chairman and CEO
New York Life Insurance Company
New York, NY

Joseph Tucci

Joseph M. Tucci, H'04
Chairman and CEO
EMC Corporation
Hopkinton, MA

Arthur W. Zafiropoulo

Arthur W. Zafiropoulo, E'61
Founder, Chairman, President and CEO
Ultratech, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Michael J. Zamkow

Michael J. Zamkow, DMSB'79
Managing Director, General Partner, Retired
London, UK

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Members of the Corporation


William F. Allen, Jr., Vice Chair Emeritus
George D. Behrakis, Vice Chair Emeritus
Frederick Brodsky
Frederick L. Brown
Louis W. Cabot
George W. Chamillard, Vice Chair Emeritus
Richard P. Chapman, Jr., Vice Chair Emeritus
John J. Cullinane
Harry T. Daniels
Ruth S. Felton
James V. Fetchero
Neal F. Finnegan, Chairman Emeritus
W. Kevin Fitzgerald
H. Patricia Hanna, Vice Chair Emerita
Frederic T. Hersey, Vice Chair Emeritus
Arnold S. Hiatt
J. Philip Johnston
Richard G. Lesser
Diane H. Lupean
Anthony R. Manganaro
Robert C. Marini, Vice Chair Emeritus
Roger M. Marino
Lloyd J. Mullin
Richard C. Ockerbloom, Vice Chair Emeritus
Arthur A. Pappas
Thomas L. Phillips
Dennis J. Picard
Robert J. Shillman
Janet M. Smith
Stephen J. Sweeney
Jean C. Tempel, Vice Chair Emerita
W. Nicholas Thorndike
Alan D. Tobin, Vice Chair Emeritus
James L. Waters
Catherine A. White
Ellen M. Zane


Scott M. Black
Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
Lucille R. Zanghi


Salah Al-Wazzan
Quincy L. Allen
Ernie P. Anastos
Tarek As’ad
Robert J. Awkward
Vincent F. Barletta
Jeffrey S. Bornstein
Richard L. Bready
John F. Burke
Louise Firth Campbell
Lawrence G. Cetrulo
Nassib G. Chamoun
Arthur L. Cherry
William D. Chin
Steven J. Cody
Daniel T. Condon
Timothy J. Connelly
William M. Cowan
Richard J. DeAgazio
Kevin A. DeNuccio
Priscilla H. Douglas
Adriane J. Dudley
Gary C. Dunton
Michael J. Egan
Douglas Epstein
Lisa D. Foster
Gary R. Gregg
Michael F. Gries
Lisa Guscott
Nancy E. B. Haynes
Manuel A. Henriquez
Charles C. Hewitt III
Roderick Ireland
Lisette C. Jetzer
Karen C. Koh
Mark A. Krentzman
Joseph C. Lawler III
Mary Kay Leonard
M Benjamin Lipman
William Lowell
George A. MacConnell
Susan B. Major
Paul V. McDonough
Thomas P. McDonough
Angela Menino
Susan A. Morelli
Francis E. Murphy
James Q. Nolan, Jr.
Peter J. Ogren
Lawrence A. O’Rourke
Sophia H. Pappas
Carlos F. Pena
Leonard Perham
Valerie W. Perlowitz
Steven Picheny
John E. Pritchard
Eugene M. Reppucci, Jr.
Rhondella Richardson
David J. Ryan
George P. Sakellaris
Jeannine P. Sargent
Richard Schoenfeld
Peter J. Smail
Shelley Stewart, Jr.
Bruce C. Taub
Gordon O. Thompson
Alexander L. Thorndike
Mark L. Vachon
James H. Walsh IV
Laurie B. Werner
E. Leo Whitworth
Donald K. Williams Jr.
Donald L. Williams
Akira Yamamura
Richard R. Yuse

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Standing Committees

Academic Affairs and Student Experience: The Academic and Student Experience Committee has the responsibility of reviewing academic policies and programs, including cooperative education and candidates for tenure, and making recommendations thereon to the Board of Trustees.  The Committee also recom­mends policies pertaining to student life and welfare at the University and is briefed on the University’s intercollegiate athletics programs.

Audit: The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the University’s internal control and audit­ing functions, overseeing the independence and performance of the University’s independent auditors, and advising the Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of the University’s risk management, legal and regulatory compliance, and financial reporting.

Compensation: The Compensation Committee is responsible for recommending appropriate compensa­tion and benefits for the President and Senior Leadership Team. It sets the parameters of com­pensation plans, at-risk compensation, and performance objectives. It may also review University policies for faculty and other employees.

Development: The Development Committee is charged with the responsibility for all major fundraising matters for the University, including recommending to the Board of Trustees the conduct of fundraising campaigns, the establishment of fundraising goals and priorities, gift acceptance policies, donor recogni­tion standards, and campaign audits. It also has the responsibility to review programs and policies pertaining to the University’s alumni body.

Financial Affairs: The Financial Affairs Committee has general oversight of the funds and investments of the University. It reviews annually the estimates of all income and expenditures for both current opera­tions and commitment to reserves or capital programs, and oversees the University’s debt.  It makes a final budget recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Committee also oversees the University’s physical growth, development, and maintenance.

Funds and Investments: A Subcommittee of the Financial Affairs Committee, it oversees the investments in the University’s endowment. It may retain investment managers or other investment professionals for the purpose of investing or reinvesting the endowment funds of the University. The Subcommittee also determines the asset allocation for the endowment funds and periodically reviews the spending policy.

Trusteeship: The Committee on Trusteeship develops a plan for the composition of the Board and the support of its members. It recruits and recommends candidates for governing boards, and develops and recommends strategies, policies, and practices that orient, educate, motivate, and assess the performance of members of the Corporation and Trustees. The Committee oversees the University’s governance structure, monitors conflicts of interest and the bylaws of the University.

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