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Credentials Authorization

By signing this PreHealth Program Agreement, I authorize Northeastern University to accept individual letters of evaluation written on my behalf, and to forward, in the future, such copies of these credentials, without limitation or alteration, to health professional schools (allopathic, osteopathic, dental, optometric, podiatric, or veterinary), in support of my application for admissions.

I understand that I cannot request that the letters of evaluation in my NU PreHealth Program file be used in support of any other purpose, including admissions to post-bacc programs and special masters programs intended for pre-med students.

If I choose to waive access to a letter of evaluation, thereby making it confidential, neither its content nor its tone may be divulged to me by members of the Northeastern University PreHealth Program. Such waiver of access also applies to the PreHealth Program Committee Letter.

I understand that it is my responsibility to review my right of access under the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and that I will review my FERPA rights before I request letters of evaluation.

I understand that all letters in my PreHealth Program file will be destroyed six years after the date of the most recent letter-receipt date.

(Updated, August 2011)

MedAppTrak User Acknowledgements

I understand and agree to adhere to the professional guidelines that are part of the PreHealth Program Agreement.
I understand the content of the Credentials Authorization Section of this Agreement.
I have listened to the PreHealth Program Orientation Podcast or reviewed the written copy.
I have bookmarked the NU PreHealth Program website in my internet browser.
If I have general questions about the PreHealth Program at NU or about general requirements pertaining to my field of medicine, I will visit the PreHealth website and its related links to search for answers before contacting NU PreHealth Program Advisors.
I acknowledge that by checking the I Agree button below, I have added my digital signature and date to this Agreement.

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    • Reflect upon your academic career and where you are in relationship to when you plan to begin your post-graduate medical education. You will be asked to provide your intended year of matriculation (entrance) to the health professional school of your choice as part of the registration process. (If you should change your mind later, you will be able to change it after your account has been created.)
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