Don’t think kids’ cartoons when you consider the animation career of Jens Lindgren, AS’06.

The Vermont native’s digital artwork finds its way into ads for industry titans Google, Nike, and Toyota.

Creating 3-D animation, a complex process in a rapidly changing and competitive industry, is picture perfect for Lindgren, who brought his lifelong love of both art and computers to his Northeastern major in animation and multimedia studies.

“Multimedia studies gave me an avenue to learn a wide variety of skills, including Web design, which I could use as a backup to my animation aspirations,” he says.

It doesn’t look like he’ll have to resort to Plan B. For three years after graduation, Lindgren did freelance work, primarily using Maya 3-D animation software. In 2009, he became 3-D lead at Buck in Los Angeles, a design-driven creative production company that works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film, and entertainment industries.

“There are lots of directions to go in this field,” he says, “but I like the fast pace of broadcast.”

Lindgren attributes part of his success in the creative industry to the “intangibles” he mastered at
Northeastern—“most important: problem solving, critical thinking, learning from my peers, and working in groups.”