Even kids get the power of going viral.

No one knows that better than Humanities Center resident fellow Ryan Cordell. When his daughters, Cadence, age 12, and Emerson, age 9, asked their parents for a puppy last year, Cordell and his wife (who have three other children) were reluctant.  

But Cadence and Emerson knew their audience well, and promptly proposed a deal. They’d take their plea to Facebook, and if the post got a million likes, a puppy would be theirs. Cordell agreed, saying, “You’ll never get a million likes.”

How wrong he was. The Facebook page went up on Jan. 15 with a photo and the title “Two Girls and a Puppy,” and by midnight it had well over a million likes, earning the sisters an appearance on Good Morning America.

And, of course, the puppy—a rescued shepherd-Lab mix they named Millie (a nod to the million likes it took to earn her).