Our World to Shape

Last spring one of the world’s true global leaders, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, told our graduating seniors, “Whatever you think of the world right now, it is going to be yours to shape.”

While this comment could be made at any university commencement, General Powell said these words to a group of graduates who have a head start on global leadership. Here at Northeastern, our students benefit from a unique educational experience, and, as a result, our graduates are nimble, multifaceted, entrepreneurial, flexible, and global.

The eight Northeastern alumni featured in this issue’s cover story embody these characteristics. As you’ll see when you read their stories, each of them shows how the right set of skills and education make it possible not only to be deeply engaged with the world, but also to shape the world.

Today, global engagement is not an optional path for the few; it is fast becoming a prerequisite for success across industries and at every level of one’s career. The tools for global engagement are precisely what we cultivate and nourish here at Northeastern through the world’s most extensive co-op and experiential learning program.

So while the alumni you will meet in the pages of our cover story come from different countries—and some now pursue careers in nations far from home—they have a lot in common with each other and with the rest of our alumni community: an education that prepared them for fulfillment, accomplishment, and leadership on a global stage.

Joseph E. Aoun