A Singular Moment

Each of us can think of moments in our lives when something singular and monumental occurred that changed us fundamentally. The transformative $60 million gift from our distinguished alumni Richard D’Amore and Alan McKim represents such a moment for Northeastern.

Their generous gift to name the D’Amore-McKim School of Business allows us to build on Northeastern’s proud tradition of innovation in business education and extend it even more. It enables us to advance new academic initiatives, make new investments in our global, entrepreneurial approach to business education, and support our students and faculty as never before.

Yet its true impact lies in the catalytic effect it will have on Northeastern as a whole. It will attract the best faculty and the most accomplished students throughout our university. It invigorates existing colleagues to go beyond past accomplishments and reach higher. It inspires other donors to demonstrate a vote of confidence in our accomplishments and our vision for Northeastern’s future.

In many ways, Rich and Alan’s profound gesture has literally changed the destiny of our university. It also provides a stunning launch to our largest-ever comprehensive campaign, which aims to raise $1 billion in philanthropic support, government funding, and industry partnerships over the next five years.

Through their leadership, Rich and Alan have lifted our sights, enabled us to dream bigger dreams, and empowered us to take Northeastern to a level of excellence that we couldn’t have imagined. Now, let’s capitalize on this moment to accelerate Northeastern’s unparalleled rise even further.