A pioneering new partnership with MathWorks—a leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists—will advance Northeastern’s position as a leader in creating high-tech computing and simulations used in fields ranging from construction to aerospace.

At the heart of the collaboration is the new MathWorks Systems Modeling and Radio Technology (SMART) Lab. It’s here where Northeastern faculty, like electrical and computer engineering professor Miriam Leeser, will explore ways to make MathWorks technologies more efficient and identify new uses for MathWorks software in research and the classroom. Leeser’s work, for example, speeds up MathWorks software by using specialized hardware features similar to those used in video-game systems.

The partnership also funds a new position for a teaching assistant to oversee a help desk, assisting students and faculty in making the best use of MathWorks programs.

“This is the kind of relationship we look for—a true partnership,” says Mel Bernstein, senior vice provost for research and graduate education. “It’s one that’s able to draw from the best of both sides. As we are educating this new generation of engineers, they have tools that previous generations could only imagine when they were starting out.”