S14_FOB__Roberts_Richard_OGL_087Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts, a world-renowned scientist in the field of genomics and molecular biology, has joined Northeastern’s faculty as a Distinguished University Professor in the College of Science.

Roberts received the Nobel Prize in 1993 for his discovery of split genes, which led to the process of gene splicing and the field of genetic engineering. The Nobel Committee said that his discovery “changed our view on how genes in higher organisms develop during evolution” and gives scientist a better understanding of how some hereditary diseases and cancers develop.

Roberts will work out of the new offices of the Ocean Genome Legacy at North-eastern’s Marine Science Center in Nahant, Mass.

“Our oceans provide the next frontier in global scientific discovery,” said university president Joseph E. Aoun. “Welcoming Sir Richard Roberts to our faculty, and the Ocean Genome Legacy to Northeastern, is instrumental to advancing our leadership in marine science and urban coastal research.”

OGL is a nonprofit environmental research organization dedicated to promoting new methods for the study and conservation of marine species through DNA preservation and analysis.