This spring marked the launch of Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern, the most ambitious fundraising effort in our university’s history. Its success will come from the “power of we”—our collective ability to imagine and create a future in which Northeastern has even greater influence and impact.

The campaign is about supporting our students from the moment they set foot on campus.  It’s about attracting even more world-class scholars and researchers and nurturing their bold ideas. It’s about weaving our individual strengths into a dynamic network of entrepreneurs, knowledge creators, and leaders. 

As alumni, friends and members of the Northeastern family, you know what this empowerment feels like because you have lived it. What makes a campaign like ours so exciting is that it empowers you to create even more opportunities for future Northeastern students, faculty, and alumni. As you read this issue of Northeastern Magazine, you’ll learn more about the campaign—its kickoff, scope, and the integral role you can play in reaching our goals.

 I am inspired every day by the innovative spirit that pervades Northeastern and the vibrancy of our entire university community. Together, we’ll empower a new generation to cure diseases, launch businesses, invent solutions—and transform our world.