“President Obama lost his mojo. He lost the aura that was around him. His acceptance speech on election night was a good indicator that he can get it back, but he still needs a great—not a good—inaugural address. 

“President Obama was told to play it safe in the first presidential debate. His team thought he just needed to protect his lead; he knew he blew that. 

“He’ll need to be more confident. It’s not just that we now perceive that he’s not—I think he perceives it. He lost his spark and energy. Even toward the end of the campaign trail, you didn’t see the same kind of passion. 

“For the inaugural address, he has to figure out what Americans aspire to and then call on them to reach that goal. He needs to inspire the nation to think big. He has to abandon talk of infrastructure and railroads. He cannot talk about taxes. He should consider talking about foreign policy, as he did in his first inaugural. 

“He needs to convey confidence and passion in a way that doesn’t frighten or intimidate, but that inspires.”