Several times each year, the same students who do the Chickamauga trip participate in the “Oxbridge Dinners.”

Named for Oxford and Cambridge universities, these elegant dinners provide students with an opportunity to hear from—and then mingle with—some of the most influential scholars at Northeastern.

“One of the nice things about these dinners is that they treat us like adults, not like a bunch of college kids in Business 101,” says Shivanjali Singh, CIS’17.
The list of guest speakers includes several University Distinguished Professors, including Sheila Puffer on bribes and corruption, Paula Caligiuri on cultural agility, and Ravi Ramamurti on emerging markets.

“Our goal is to expand students’ horizons by spending time with thought leaders who are recognized for being out there on the cutting edge,” says program director Allan Bird, the Darla and Frederick Brodsky Trustee Professor in Global Business.

“For example, Ramamurti does a marvelous job of speaking about global competition. Students arrive thinking of themselves as competing for a job with students from BU, BC, and maybe even USC, but they leave with the understanding that they are competing directly with millions of students from Russia, India, China, and Brazil.”

Each dinner has a specific focus, with students assigned reading on the work of the scholar who will be featured at that night.

Amy Zhou, DMSB’15, says she loves these dinners because they center on subjects that are of global significance but may not be covered in traditional business classes.

“They symbolize the fundamental goal of higher education by encouraging us to think outside of our boundaries,” she says. “I was so caught up in career building when I first got here that I forgot that college is more than just four years of developing a resumé. I chose to minor in history because of my experience at the Oxbridge Dinners.”