Now more than ever, the world needs college graduates with the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills that a Northeastern education provides. By establishing an endowed student scholarship, you’ll give talented, ambitious undergraduates the opportunity to take advantage of all this university offers, and receive the deep satisfaction of helping to empower tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

1. A Commitment is Made

A donor makes a gift to Northeastern of $100,000 or more in his or her name, or in honor of a loved one or influential faculty member. The scholarship fund is designated for students in a particular school or discipline, or used to attract or retain an exceptional scholar in a field meaningful to the donor. Smaller gifts will support any undergraduate demonstrating financial need.

2. The Fund Grows

The donor makes the full scholarship gift in one sum or in payments pledged over a five-year period. The university invests these funds—the principal—and the fund begins earning income, which is reinvested. Once the pledge is fulfilled, this income is split, with a portion spent to support the scholarship and the remainder returned to the principal to support its continued growth. This allows the scholarship to be funded in perpetuity.

3. A Student Flourishes

Once the pledge is fulfilled, the scholarship recipient is selected by the Office of Student Financial Services or a designated college, according to the original wishes of the donor. Scholarship support, frequently a deciding factor in a student’s college selection, provides crucial resources to those who could not otherwise attend college, and alleviates future student-loan debt for others.

4. The Support Endures

As the fund matures and grows over time, the donor has the gratification of knowing that the original gift has become lasting support for accomplished, entrepreneurial, and diverse students who, for years to come, will power important change in the world.

Endowed Scholarships Transforming Lives

Nancy J. Caruso, BA’52, MEd’56, H’00 (donor)
Nancy J. Caruso Scholarship

“I worked full-time throughout my years at Northeastern and did co-op, but I still needed scholarship aid to help cover tuition and expenses. Education is the key to a better future, and I am pleased to know that my scholarship will enable generations of students to succeed.”

Lola Galiczynski, S’12, biology major (recipient)
Donald W. McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship

“The opportunities my education has unlocked for me are both amazing and one of a kind. Being able to do what I love, and be afforded the fortune to soak up as much knowledge as I can, is a dream come true.”

Ted English, BA’76 (university trustee and donor)
Edmond J. and Maureen J. English Scholars Program

“Supporting scholarships is a way for me to ensure that the Northeastern experience will continue to be available to students regardless of their financial situation. It’s a way to make our unique experiential-learning model available to the same, diverse socio-economic students that our university has always served.”

David Lishansky, AMD’16, music major (recipient)
Nancy E.B. Haynes Scholarship Fund

“This financial support is a catalyst for me to continue my studies. It encourages me to set even higher standards for myself and to never cease looking beyond what I believe is possible.”