WHO Andre Lira, a fifth-year student majoring in behavioral neuroscience.

WHAT A research co-op at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

WHEN January to July 2012. 

WHAT HE DID Lira worked on an “earworm” project, researching why particular songs stick in people’s heads. He listened to hundreds of catchy songs to extract melodies, finding a specific point of interest and transcribing it into a computer language called MIDI, which is a way of playing musical notes via computer. This research can bring new insight into how humans process music and can be used by advertising companies to more effectively target specific consumer demographics. 

TODAY After graduation, Lira plans to enter the burgeoning field of neuromarketing, the application of neuroscience to marketing. Neuromarketing tracks brain activity to measure a consumer’s response to specific products, packaging, or other marketing elements. Lira is particularly interested in focusing on the brain’s response to music.