Northeastern’s entrepreneurs rely on wits and ingenuity to build and test prototypes. They also tap IDEA, the student-run venture accelerator, for expertise. Of these four ventures, three won gap and/or prototype funding from IDEA. And three students received the Amin J. and Julie E. Khoury Endowed Scholarship for excellence in tech-focused entrepreneurship.

Snap judgments
A potentially addictive gaming app developed by Khoury Scholar Chuck Svirk, DMSB’13, and partner Matthew Valich is now in beta testing. Photos to Photos adds a competitive edge to photo sharing. A group of participants is given a prompt—a photo—to begin game play. Each player takes and then anonymously submits a photo relevant to the prompt, scoring points when the group’s designated judge declares his or her photo the winner.

Skinny drinks
For those who like their margaritas organic and low-cal, Willo Cocktails will soon debut in and around San Francisco. City native Starielle Newman, DMSB’12, and partner Philip Wess, AS’05, MS’07, will launch their line of libations with an assist from IDEA’s gap fund.

Premier seating 
A posture-monitoring device—one that provides real-time feedback and incentives for change—is the brainchild of Khoury Scholar Alexandra Herzer, DMSB’13, designer Markus Howard, E’13, and Brandon Beneduce, S’14, a behavioral neuroscience major. The team won prototype funding from IDEA.

Fine dining
Tired of waiting for the bill? Khoury Scholar Christopher Turney, DMSB’14, an entrepreneurship major, conceived of an app that lets restaurant-goers split costs, expedite payment, and offer comments. Turney and Eric Tarczynski, DMSB’14, a finance major, received gap and prototype funds from IDEA and support from angel investors. Two franchise chains will test their product.