A for Argonaut
By Michael Stedman, SSH’67
Published by Clipper Trade Books in 2012

Stedman, a former political columnist, magazine writer, and intelligence consultant to major corporations, draws on his own experience as a practitioner and critic of the spy world for his first novel. He chronicles the escapades of protagonist Mack Maran, a tenacious and skilled Special Operations officer.

When Maran is betrayed and ambushed in a mission to rescue American hostages from terrorists in Africa, he sets up his own spy firm to seek vengeance on his enemies. Maran finds an ally in the mother of one of the hostages, and the two work together in a dangerous quest to rescue her son and defeat their shared enemy. Heart-stopping and suspense filled, A for Argonaut is a political thriller that anyone can enjoy. And for those who wish for more, stay tuned: Stedman is planning at least two sequels on the adventures of Mack Maran.

What Makes a High Performance Organization: Five Validated Factors of Competitive Advantage that Apply Worldwide
By André A. de Waal, MBA’85
Published by Global Professional Publishing in 2012

In his latest book on performance management, de Waal outlines the framework of a high-performance organization, developed from five years of global research into the success factors of HPOs. He illustrates this framework, currently in use by over 2,000 organizations worldwide, through real-life examples from a number of industries and organizational branches (finance, retail, higher education, among others) in both Western and emerging markets. He also includes interviews with HPO leaders of worldwide brands and companies.

The author is academic director and co-owner of the Dutch company, HPO Center, as well as a renowned global performance-management and HPO expert. Anyone interested in improving an organization using validated methods will find this book useful.