The Best Season: The First Ninety Games
(DOG EAR PUBLISHING; 2012) By Bob May, BA’64

What if the black baseball stars of the Negro Leagues had played against the Major League stars of baseball’s golden age? Not just post-season scrimmages, but in-season battles for a championship? May honors these players and their legacies by creating a full season of baseball game simulations, pitting 21 black baseball stars against 375 great Major League ballplayers from the 1880s through the 1980s. May creates the excitement of on-field play through the simulation of 165 games and a post-season six-team playoff series to demonstrate just how the black baseball stars would have matched up to the all-stars from decades of Major League Baseball. This first installation of a two-book series will appeal to baseball fans of all ages.

The Aden Effect: a Connor Stark novel 
(Naval Institute Press; 2012) By Claude Berube, MA’90

In his first novel, Berube introduces Connor Stark—a former naval officer turned mercenary—who helps a new ambassador to Yemen counter modern pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Berube draws on his own knowledge and experience as a Navy Reserve officer deployed in the Persian Gulf to bring to life issues of power, politics, murder, and Middle East instability in this thoughtful, exciting action thriller. 

Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey 
(MARKUS WIENER PUBLISHERS; 2013) By William F.S. Miles, professor of political science

In his 10th book, Miles draws on more than three decades of research in West Africa to tell the story of the world’s first “Internet Jews.” He shares life stories of the Igbos of Nigeria, a spiritually passionate community that has embraced rabbinic Judaism over the last 30 years, learning the Hebrew language through songs and prayers found on the Internet. By raising the profile of the community, Miles hopes to dispel suspicions and myths about what Judaism in Africa entails.