Robots Get Ready!

In its quest to send a humanoid robot to Mars, NASA has selected Northeastern as one of only two universities in the nation to conduct R&D on the 6-foot robot […]

Trouble Brewing

The future of coffee is in danger. So says Erika Koss, assistant dean in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. Her popular lecture series, “The World in Your Cup,” […]

History Comes Alive

Carla Kaplan was recently recognized for possessing a rare gift: the ability to write as a scholar while producing work that is riveting and accessible to the layperson. Last fall, […]

A League of Her Own

Hockey star Dani Rylan helped Northeastern win the 2012 Beanpot tournament, but was forced to hang up her skates after graduation because there was nowhere for her in the U.S. […]

Teaching Others to Veg Out

For Madeline Heising, AMD’15, the “freshman 15” turned out to be her meal ticket. During the next four years, Heising transformed her dismay over the unexpected weight gain into a […]

Hooked on News

When Michele (Richinick) Gorman, AMD’12, started her first co-op in 2009 at The Boston Globe, nearly everyone was sounding the death knell for journalism. The New York Times Company was […]