For the Morabitos, their restaurant is a family affair. A self-described foodie, Carrie Morabito opened Friend of a Farmer in New York City 27 years ago. Her three children—Taylor, Weston, and Rose, all Huskies—have each pitched in along the way, doing everything from hosting to building the restaurant’s website.

Originally a cafe with six tables, the restaurant has since mushroomed in size and sophistication. These days, the 90-seat hot spot in the East Side’s Gramercy Park neighborhood typically has a line out the door for brunch.

Carrie conceived of her farm-to-table restaurant to cater to those who, like her, are passionate locavores. “When I started Friend of a Farmer, nouvelle cuisine was everywhere and farmers’ markets were just becoming popular. The timing was right,” she says.
Friend of a Farmer is also a friend of Northeastern. In February, Carrie, her husband Terry, and their children generously hosted a private formal dinner for alumni and parents. The family saw it as a chance to contribute to the university they love.

“Northeastern has opened lots of doors,” Carrie says of her children’s experiences as students. Taylor, AMD’11, works as a documentary filmmaker after majoring in English and cinema studies. Weston is a third-year business major who already has a job waiting for him after graduation.

And Rose will join the Program in London this fall, and then move to campus in the spring. “I love that Northeastern widens horizons and broadens experiences,” Carrie says of

For Carrie and Terry, the ethos of giving back extends beyond Northeastern. When Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast in 2012, the Morabitos—who own a home in Long Beach, N.Y.—picked up grills and generators at a restaurant depot and fed hundreds of stranded people for two days.

That ethos is also being passed on to her sons and daughter. “We raise our kids to give back,” says Carrie.