Tom Bergeron signs copies of his book following an open question-and-answer session with fellow Northeastern families during Parents Weekend.

When TV host Tom Bergeron, parent of second-year student Samantha Bergeron, was asked to do a signing for his book I’m Hosting as Fast as I Can! during Parents Weekend, he was game—but insisted on a twist. Instead of doing a signing, he would send ahead a few boxes of books and open the floor to the audience, giving a book to anyone with a good question.

“Ask a question, get a book,” he quipped to an audience of nearly 700 during his opening remarks at Blackman Auditorium. “Ask a bad follow-up, and we take it back.”

And so the tone was set. Dozens of audience members asked Bergeron about everything from his favorite ballroom dance (the quickstep) to how he got started in broadcast media (a high school internship at a Haverhill, Mass., radio station) to who his idol is (Buster Keaton). 

Parents and students roared as he shared behind-the-scenes stories about Dancing and demonstrated some of his lesser-known skills, like miming. He also gave students sage advice on pursuing their dreams, touching on the importance of mentors and doing the job in front of you well.

But when asked why his family chose Northeastern, he turned the mike over to Samantha. “I chose it because of co-op,” his daughter chimed in, not missing a beat. “It’s also a great campus in a great area, and it’s a great school.”