A sampling of Northeastern research centers that could have major impact on the future of healthy aging.

Antimicrobial Discovery Center
Investigating genetic pathways to combat drug-resistant bacteria—good news for older adults suffering from infectious diseases such as  pneumonia.
Director: Kim Lewis, University Distinguished Professor of Biology

Center for Drug Discovery
Designing and synthesizing drug therapies for pain, appetite regulation, and central nervous system diseases.
Director: Alexandros Makriyannis, Behrakis Chair in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research
Enabling policymakers and private-sector managers to advance innovative ideas for raising quality and lowering costs, two national imperatives.
Director: Gary Young, professor of strategic management and healthcare systems

Center for Population Health and Health Disparities
Conducting population-health analyses to identify the roots and solutions to healthcare inequities, with a focus on cardiovascular disease risk factors in Boston’s Puerto Rican community.
Director: Katherine Tucker, professor of nutritional epidemiology

Center for Translational Cancer Nanomedicine
Developing scalable nanotechnology to target and destroy cancer cells, which could transform cancer treatment by increasing effectiveness and dramatically reducing side effects.
Co-director: Vladimir Torchilin, University Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Center for Translational NeuroImaging
Enhancing imaging technology and applications to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the central nervous system, such as dementia.
Director: Craig Ferris, professor of psychology and pharmaceutical sciences

New England Healthcare Systems Engineering Partnership
Applying engineering processes to improve healthcare safety and efficiency—critical work, given that the number of hospital visits by baby boomers is expected to more than double over the next 20 years.
Director: James Benneyan, associate professor of industrial engineering