Students walk around Northeastern's campus

Our Academic Plan, developed over the course of several months of University-wide discussion, study, review, and refinement, articulates a strategic vision for Northeastern University.

To translate that vision into action, we have developed this five-year Long Range Plan. It advances a new model for excellence in higher education, based on leadership in global experiential education and use-inspired research.

The plan covers four primary areas of focus — education, research, faculty, and the student experience — and is grounded in the Northeastern values of innovation and connection to the world.

In each of these sections, we outline a series of proposed goals and action steps, as well as selected metrics by which we will measure our progress. We conclude with a section outlining our estimate of the resources and infrastructure investments that will be necessary to achieve our goals.

Because the plan must be dynamic and evolve to meet future needs, we invite the Northeastern community to take the time to review these planning proposals and provide feedback. You helped us develop our vision for Northeastern. Help us bring the vision to life.