Of all the skills needed to land that coveted marketing job, your ability to analyze data is one of the most important.

Modern employers are looking for marketers that can find, visualize, and take advantage of the patterns and trends in customer data, and there’s a severe shortage of data analysts across all industries.

That makes this an optimal time to polish up your portfolio with some truly stunning examples of your analytics prowess.

Don’t have any examples? It’s time to make some.

People meeting in an office with charts on their computers, representing the data analytics skills needed for a marketing job today.

Learn the Skills to Land the Job

Like so many other fields in the 21st century, marketing jobs have seen a complete shake-up of expected skill sets for candidates as new technology becomes available.

Today, you’ll need to demonstrate not only the usual qualities expected of marketers—creativity, flexibility, and excellent time management—but also the ability to use consumer data to identify trends, visualize those trends, and use those trends to build successful strategies.

In speaking with the founders of nine different startups, HubSpot picked out some key data-related skills employers are looking for when hiring for marketing jobs. Here are just a few examples of the things you’ll want to have on your resume the next time you apply for a new position:

  • Working successfully with data across multiple platforms, such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Salesforce
  • Using data to measure individual, departmental, and organizational goals
  • Tracking data when testing different creative approaches, then using it to choose the most effective ones

An image of a MacBook with data visualizations on it, People meeting in an office with charts on their computers, representing the data analytics skills needed for a marketing job today.

Automation is Not an Option – Employers Need Marketers at the Wheel

One startup founder interviewed by HubSpot said that the number of “plug and play” digital tools has made it impossible for him to believe people applying for modern-day marketing jobs wouldn’t have at least foundational data analytics skills.

That speaks not only to the urgent need for marketers to update our resumes with these skills, but also to something the American Marketing Association’s Vikas Mittel touched on back in 2017: that just having marketing dashboards, along with the basic understanding of what they do, is not really enough. Mittel says the value of these dashboards lives in marketers’ ability to read them critically and comprehensively to drive strategy.

On a practical level, this means you should be prepared to defend any marketing decision you make based on insights you’ve drawn from your organization’s dashboard. In doing so, you should be able to point to specific visualizations of the data to address questions or concerns your colleagues might have.

Having examples to demonstrate these skills in interviews is an excellent way to help you stand out from your competitors for marketing jobs.

A young black woman on her bed, using her computer with a cup of coffee in her hand, representing the way Level can get you the data analytics skills needed for a marketing job today right from home.

How to Add Data Analytics to Your Resume

If you’re feeling a bit behind on your skill set after reading all that, don’t worry—having the data analytics skills needed for your next marketing job isn’t as far away as it seems!

In as few as 8 weeks, Level from Northeastern University can get your resume where it needs to be for your promotion or career change with data analytics programs at the introductory and intermediate levels.

For more information or to apply, go to leveledu.com.


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