Level alumniJonah Keyserling joined the full-time Level program this past summer hoping to kickstart a career in data analytics, and ended up meeting his future employer at our student and alumni career day. Now, Jonah has found his stride in his new role as a Data Analyst at Definitive HealthCare, where he’s using the skills he’s acquired at Level to establish himself as a data hero on his team. We spoke with Jonah about his career day experience, and what he’s been up to on the job since graduating the program this fall.   

Level: What initially sparked your interest in Data Analytics? What kind of background were you coming from?

Jonah: I majored in Exercise Science in college and held a job as a healthcare insurance consultant prior to the class. I wanted to make a transition, and data analytics sparked my interests because it is a field that continues to grow as the world becomes more and more digital and technologically savvy.

Level: Did you expect to meet your future employer at Level Career Day? What did that process look like for you?

Jonah: I did not expect to actually meet my future employer at career day but I went into the day with an open mind and made sure to talk with every recruiter there. Face to face contact is key for landing a job these days. I met the recruiters from Definitive HealthCare at the event and we set up my first interview right there, and that allowed me to bypass submitting my resume to the online “black hole,” so to speak.

Level: Did you feel prepared for your interview going into career day?

Jonah: [I feel that] Level did prepare me. My [now] boss was impressed with the amount of SQL I knew and I was able to leverage my experience at Level well in my interview.

Level: What analytical tools are you expected to use in your new role?

Jonah: So far, I work almost exclusively in SQL to build custom reports for our clients. I am hoping to use R and Tableau a little farther down the line to do more custom analysis.

Level: Is data analytics what you’ve expected?

Jonah: The work has been what I have expected for the most part, and the great culture at my new company has been a nice addition.

Level: What projects are you excited to tackle first in your new role?

Jonah: To be honest I have not really worked at this company to long enough to really dive deep into a project yet. But our company has 100s of table in their database so thinking about the best ways to related the tables to each other to get key insight has been a tough but fun challenge

Level: What advice would you give to other career changers?

Jonah: Make sure you take advantage of any opportunity to get your face in front of potential employers!!

Jonah is excited to continue to grow as a data expert, and we couldn’t be happier to support him along the way. If you’re interested in turning your interest in data into a career, Level offers full-time and part-time data analytics programs in data analytics that will give you the skills to make your next move!


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